Industrial Chairs


All chairs conform to BS7176 fire retardancy and are suitable for all environments including schools, colleges, offices, government departments, hospitals and the home. We offer a huge range of fabric and vinyl upholstery options and all built to order to suit the user's requirements.

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ESD Anti-Static Industrial Chairs

Vinyl, Polyurethane & ESD Anti-Static Chairs

Various ranges of industrial and laboratory chairs available to suit all types of work environments from dirty factories to high-tech anti-static labs and cleanrooms.

Vinyl Upholstered Chairs

With vinyl upholstered seats and backs and available as a low chair or high draughtsman chair.  Ideal as lab chairs, production lines and surgeries. A vinyl wipe clean surface available in a range of colours.

Polyurethane Chairs

Wipe clean and steam clean cushioned polyurethane seat and back available in 2 styles and as a low factory chair or draughtsman chair.  For use in any environment including factories, labs or for healthcare use.

ESD Anti-Static Chairs

Earthed chairs upholstered in a hi-tech ant-static fabric, chrome metal base, gas lift and footring and fitted with anti-static glides or castors.  For clean environments and anti-static labs.

Bespoke Industrial Seating

As well as our standard ranges of factory and lab chairs, we offer a bespoke service to suit your requirements.

Each chair is made to order from stocked components and can easily be tailored to suit your work envioronment and use.

Cleanroom Chairs

Vinyl and cleanroom chairs upholstered in a soft vinyl and with a crib 5 fire retardant foam. For all laboratories, cleanrooms, surgeries and general use.

Polyurethane Chairs

Polyurethane low and high draughtsman chairs for environments requiring a more robust chair that can be steam cleaned.  Ideal for all factories.

ESD Anti-Static Chairs

ESD anti-static low chairs and draughtsman chairs for labs and hi-tech areas which require a clean and static free environment.  Available in a range of anti-static fabrics.